My trip to New Orleans to join ICTE

March 19

Today, for the first session,I joined "Virtual Classrooms:An Internet Safari
for Educators by Classroom Connect."
This company publishes a very useful magazine "Classroom Connect."
The site is worth visiting.
Next I joined plenary session by Apple Computer. The presenter showed us
a kind of "Virtual Reality" By clicking the scene, we can move around
back and forth.
In the afternoon, when I was preparing for my presentation I found my
video camera broken --- mulfunction signal was fluching. So there is
no images on this page. Four people did presentations during CML session
chaired by a person form UNESCO. First was done by Ginny from Ruffles
High School in Sigapole. Second was from Hong Kong. Third was form Korea,
then from Japan. I showed the news video featuring Roger Williams' visit
to our school last year,then introduced our Web pages.

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