My trip to New Orleans to join ICTE

March 18

Today, we had the first session of this conference.
I joined a session by a person from 
Utah Education Network. I think It is a well organized network.
You can find it by visiting their home page.

Next we joined a session by Public Broadcasting Service 

I joined some other sessions today and I became aware of one thing;
- Teachers need more concrete solution for their daily activities in education
  Is surfing WWW freely in school allowed only to some special schools?
  If most schools are now using 386 or MAC II,what can they do? 
  Training for teachers is necessary but how can it be organized?
  Privacy in using WWW is an urgent matter for schools that have
  home pages. How far can the information of students be on the Net?

Today I got no good images in my video tape.(All images are too dark to see).

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