My trip to New Orleans to join ICTE

March 15

We visited some schools here in Baton Rouge.
First we went to Southeast Middle School.
In one class,they studied about Japan.

In Art class,they were using Animation software to make their own animation. Next we visited Wedgewood Elementary school. In the library, students can access information they need using computers. In Computer class, they use "Logo writer" to do some programs. The third school was Robert E. Lee High School. They study Japanese using video and tele-communication system. In the last class I found they were using IBM compatible. Almost all elementary schools and middle schools are using MAC and high schools are using IBM compatible. The reason for this is that MAC is easy to begin with and business people here use IBM compatible, so they begin with MAC and in high school,they use IBM compatible. Tomorrow, we will move back to New Orleans. Good night.

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